Personal Training

The Path towards the Best Version of Yourself

Free consultation

Our first meeting is supposed to help me get to know you and to find out what your needs are, and figure out how I can assist you. It is completely up to you to decide whether we should pursue a common path.


Anamnesis and Check Up

In case you decide for us to work together, I would like to begin evaluating your physical condition by performing a few tests in your favor. The test results will help me to develop a program perfectly adjusted to your needs and wishes.



Afterwards we are ready to get started. The frequency, intensity and components of the program will be entirely dependent on the goals you have set for yourself.

Health and Well-being

Your goal is to stay in shape and to enjoy a healthy lifestyle without having to worry about any physical complaints?


I would love to work with you and develop the perfect training program for your individual needs.


Body Shaping


You want to change your appearance or finally work for your long-desired beach body?


I will support you with an individual customized training and will push you to your limits.





You are an endurance athlete or want to become one?


I am more than welcome to develop a training schedule for your next physical challenge.




Are you tense, stiff, immobile?


We can work out a precise and intense program to improve your mobility, or simply include selected exercises into your workout routine.


Performance and Agility

You want to be able to exploit your potential even more effectively and retrieve an optimum performance at a certain moment?


We will work together to improve your performance by integrating mental training.