I am


With more than 10 years of experience in the health and fitness sector.



It is my goal and motivation to face any challenge in order for you to achieve your best possible performance.



As passionate as I feel about everything I do, I want you to develop the same passion for your workout.




In 2008 I turned my passion into my profession when I started my Bachelor’s degree in Fitness Economics. I already started working as a personal trainer, performing both individual and group workouts, while I was studying and working at a gym.

A couple of years after advanced training and attaining various licenses and experiences, I was drawn to Mallorca, where I worked as the head of the fitness department at a club hotel for the following 2,5 years.

I was able to attain and bring back a wide range of professional skills and experiences. However, there was something I had left behind – my heart.

My Health Management Master’s degree drew me back to Germany, where I majored in coaching and sports psychology and graduated in 2015. During my Master’s degree I started working at a premium fitness club in Munich as an area manager, trainer, coach as well as a consultant for sports psychology.

Even though I felt grateful and inspired by the professional experiences I have obtained in Munich, I decided to listen to my heart and move back to Mallorca. I would love to share with you my expertise and enthusiasm for physical fitness and accompany you on the road towards your personal goals.


No matter what kind of goals you intend to achieve or what kind of workout intensity you are seeking for – I am looking forward to each and everyone of you. Please feel free to call me, E-Mail me, or message me via WhatsApp.